16 Nov, 2008, Nupraptor wrote in the 1st comment:
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Look this post is from a player not an imm.
Lost Prophecy lpmud.genesismuds.com 2710 []
Try it out. Smaug was the base code but it has been heavily modded and coustomized since then. Can be peaceful or deadly. They have a remort sytem, questing system, numerical RIS, feat system, customizable eq, hundreds of unique skills/spells,unique areas, stock areas not 'stock', of and are currently working on a crafting system.. I've played this mud for years and years it used to have a player base of 30+ people at any given time. I quit playing for about 3 years do to rl stuff now I'm back playing again. The pbase since then was killed off by a pwipe that was required do to a change in the code during my time away. Mud was a great mud, still is. But like i said the pbase is lacking now there are only about 10 active players but not all on at the same time. We have 2 coders that are good at what they do. The imms also take any ideas into concideration they discuss and debate it with the rest of the pbase and if the idea is good they start on it immediatly and implement it pretty quickly. My hopes is to get it back to the way it was and have 30 players on at any given time.
But like I said its a great mud, give it a try bring your friends. Its our world to shape. Wont hurt giving it a try.
Need any help or have any questions email me or log on and ask for Nupraptor. I'll be willing to help anyone out or answer any questions you might have.