16 Nov, 2008, Kayle wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm looking for a way to use a custom font on my website, without having to use images for what I want to display in said custom font. I've googled and fiddled, and experimented for 3 days now.

I've scoured google, and I've tried the .pfr and .oef or whatever methods, .oef only works in IE and was depreciated after IE 5.0. and the site everyone links to for the program that makes .pfr sites has no program to make them anymore, just fonts you pay for. And I believe I remember reading that that format was only supported by Netscape and not Mozilla browsers.

I also tried sIFR, but after a day and a half of fiddling with it, and it not working, I gave up on that.

Anyone have any other methods? ideas? solutions to my problem?
16 Nov, 2008, The_Fury wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I found this method of doing it, http://www.alistapart.com/articles/dynat... its rather clunky IMO, taking the text and dynamically replacing it with a pgn, seems sort of dumb, why not just have the pgn's to start with and forgo the overhead on the server having to make them on the fly.
16 Nov, 2008, Kayle wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Briefly explained this on IMC, but I'll elaborate a bit here.

Part of the reason I'm looking for a way to do this without me creating the images is because one of the things this font will be used for is the headings for news entries on the front page. And I can't always take the time to make a new image based on the title of the article, coupled with the fact that code underlying code (QSFP) dynamically generates the entries displayed on the front page based on forum posts.

After looking over what you found, it could meet my needs and it seems a lot easier to interact with over sIFR which involved creating a .swf file with the font embedded in it, and then modifying three or four files, before threading it into my HTML. This appears to be just uploading the font to the server, telling the two scripts where to find it, and what tags to modify. But, we'll see, I'll read over it more when I'm not fighting a migraine. :D
16 Nov, 2008, The_Fury wrote in the 4th comment:
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There is also this which is similar http://www.truefontfamily.com/
16 Nov, 2008, quixadhal wrote in the 5th comment:
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The thing is, the HTML standard does not enforce that the font you *request* the client to use, is actually the one that gets used. The client can and does often substitute similar fonts if the one you specify isn't there. If you really want a specific font to be used, your best bet might be to use the GD library to render your text into graphics which can then be fed to the web page in question.

Basically, if you have a small cgi script to do the rendering, you'd use img tags that call foo.cgi?font=boo&text=blahblahblah, and it would spit back a graphic. Not ideal, but it would probably work in more cases than embedding shockwave.

I still find it ironic that when the web was first developed in 1990, HTML was hailed as the solution to finally have device independent display of the data, where the content provider would simply throw up the data with a few tags to break it into logical sections, and the browser would render it however it worked best for the output device. NOW, it's all about getting the right shade of button colour, or making sure this font or that font renders right in 4 different browsers… the exact opposite of the original goal.
02 Feb, 2009, Rojan QDel wrote in the 6th comment:
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There are two ways that I know of to use custom fonts, neither is really "searchable" but they are design-friendly.

Make a PHP script that loads up a ttf file and outputs a graphic with text in it using your preferred font.

Make a flash file that generates text using your preferred font. I am not sure how to do this since I am not too familiar with flash, but I have seen selectable, font-customized text that was essentially a flash file auto-generated based on a provided text option.