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Silent Hill: Path of Darkness is a matchless idea looking for open minded and unique coders, plus builders to begin a very strange journey into groundbreaking MUD adventures. :ghostface:

Below, I have enclosed an incomplete outline of this idea to better explain this bizarre world I have created. Based on your review of these writings, I would be interested in hearing what decision you feel you have come to about helping me with this idea - and why. If you are interested in this kind of journey, please send a quick resume and experiences; as well as, contact information to: admin.shpod@gmail.com, or post below.

[Game Script Treatment] 2008
Silent Hill: Path of Darkness is a unique, continued story based on the original game Silent Hill by Konami Studios and game developer Keiichiro Toyama released in 1999 for the Sony Playstation.

The first Silent Hill title utilized a third-person perspective with fixed camera angles at certain points. Most sections take place indoors, connected by open streets and alleyways. The game alternates fog and darkness and only allows the protagonist and player to see within a ten-foot radius at any time. At the beginning of the game, the character is usually equipped with a pocket flashlight and a radio that emits static in close proximity to monsters.

I have continued with the idea of simulated reality to attract die hard fans of the series, as well as newcomers looking for survival horror in a MUD style environment. This MUD is a Role-Play environment and Role-Play will be enforced with limited player killing.
In developing a text-based version of this storyline and playing style, there will be a balance of classes, good, evil, and neutral. Once a player establishes their class (which will consequently choose their alignment) they will be placed in the according newbie dungeon. A characters alignment (usually referred to as just that) will be coded to show a sanity meter. The closer you understand the demon world, the further you slip into madness. In the end, this will inevitably choose your fate. (Similar to the Silent Hill Games.)
In Silent Hill the video game, regular world seems to be in a state of quiet abandonment, (similar to a ghost town) but when the darkness arrives, that exact room melts around the character transforming it into a world of rust and blood. Rooms that were available to the player in regular world are no longer there, and have changed from a bathroom to now a hole in the building, and even more monsters are present.

Regular world is comprised of connecting rooms and streets that ultimately are one large map. Consequently, there will be an altered reality (demon world) too. The building team will be creating two versions of all areas.
In past Silent Hill games and the movie, there is a timer for when demon world begins and ends. When the darkness comes, a local will commence to all characters in the game that are roaming in the regular world. They are then transferred to an area in the demon world as a group.

*Those lower than level 20 will not be moved. In Character, they are too innocent to witness the atrocities that lay before them.

*Those players of HERO status will not be moved. [Heroes are based on a Roleplay given reward and based on a characters sanity at the end of their journey before a staff member promotes them, they will be assessed to either play an angel or a demon. Creating a whole new kind of game play as a new class. Complete with new skills and spells.]

Once that timer is up, the area will reassemble the nightmare into reality and place those in demon world back into the corresponding area in regular world, regardless of their location on the demon map.

*If a character has used the optional portals to go into demon world while the timer is still running regular world, then when the darkness comes, they will be kicked out of that world and sent to regular world and in character a message will say that “You have spent too long in this state of panic, and feel a force pulling you back to reality.”

This whole process runs back and forth on a two hour long timer and is obviously reversed when game time is on demon world and moves to regular world.
In these areas, we are expecting the builders to be creating zones with about 300 rooms, except for the newbie areas and the Immortal zones.

Similar to the video games, these areas will be filled with riddles and puzzles to bypass and solve quests. As stated earlier, there are identical versions of each area, one a world of silence and eerie stillness. And the other is a world of horrors, agony, and metal.

Immortal Rooms
Orphanage (newbie school)
Townhall (transfer zone)
Dark Hospital
Dark Apartments
Dark Church
Dark Theatre
Dark Townhall (transfer zone)
SILENT HILL: Path of Darkness STAFF
Coders -We are interested in coders familiar with Rom 2.4; however, we are still not sure what codebase will be right for the game and are open to suggestions.

Builders - For this, the admin requires only a very creative and perhaps perverse kind of mind to work on bringing the world of survival horror to reality! For builders, the game is your bible! (Especially the maps) Luckily the maps are all set and ready to go from screenshots of the game so really only creative, grammatically correct, descriptions and mobs need be carried out. Of course your usual job of sets of gear, snippets, and anything wild and crazy you can come up with. This is a creative mind's place to be let loose.

Roleplay Staff - We aren't currently at the phase to take on these team members, but if you are familiar with the game and have experience in mudding then you are certainly welcome to reply as well at being hired. Your credentials here are how well you know the game/movie, what scenarios you can come up with, and general good attitude.

Silent Hill and Silent Hill names are a copyright to Konami Studios, Team Silent, Double Helix, Sony Playstation, and all organizations this great game has come through.
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Hey Everyone,

New updates for you all here. Coding is currently underway in Merc 2.4 and we're looking at of course thousands of lines of code, but I wanted to let you all know, I'm still looking for builders. If you are interested hit me with an email or post below, I'd love to hear what you have to offer towards the game.

:devil:*If you are familiar with the SILENT HILL series, I'd like to hear from you in general, maybe just a hey or just what's up. Path of Darkness is always looking for gamer input from the original series about monsters, bosses, screenshots, or one of the most scariest moments in the game you've experienced. Thanks guys.

Jake Rayburn
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Alright! Thanks to this post: http://www.mudbytes.net/index.php?a=topi...
We have a place to get started. I'm excited to announce that within the next few days we'll be adding in the code and starting to work in custom code as well as helpfiles, classes, all the great things about a mud; however, I'm still looking for some Immortals who would be interested in building. We're of course looking at a couple hundred rooms per area and if you are sitting borderline on the issue, take a look here, for a few map ideas. http://www.silenthillheaven.com/Site/SH1... Once I get ahold of you, we can talk about your test area. :alien:

SH: Path of Darkness
The silence is broken and time is no longer here, for within Silent Hill you have finally come to face your fears, indulge in secret fantasies, and to answer that cold feeling in your gut that has summoned you to a world of rust and blood. Encounters throughout the realm, will test your very sanity as you battle depression and suicidal thoughts, against defenseless dreams and lingering lust. Claims of creatures and fearsome monsters ambush your mind, body, and soul; where hate has changed the world and the fires of hell knock on your doorstep. As you begin to solve riddles and reclaim your reason, you must fulfill your own untold path of darkness.

-Return to Silent Hill in an entirely new adventure where you make the decisions and relive the experience from all angles.

-Battle horrifying demons with a new arsenal of weapons.

-Atmospheric descriptions will leave you trembling at your computer screen with a new shifting environment just around the corner.
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Our official website is up, and soon the domain will change, but for right now enjoy this fully functioning flash funpage! :devil: