Uploaded: 13 Apr, 2011
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Author: Kavir

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This is a port of Kavir's MSDP Protocol snippet over to socketmud. It works great MCCP has been enabled and it work's through copyover's(using his copyover* functions and a little mcGuyver work)

A few notes:

I had to tweak the Makefile a bit(had to force it to use gnuc99 as the standard for compiling rather than iso90 this may be just system specific) the change is included in the patch.

The original mccp negotiation is still in their. Since Kavir's snippet just ignores it.

I've disabled the compress command but left it in for future changes(to perhaps just disable MCCP). It turns off MCCP but it won't turn it back on due to the protocol snippet catching the requests.

Since socketmud is a bare base it doesn't have many variables sent out. Just your name

Tested and confirmed working with mushclient and Kavir's generic plugin on my win7 vm, displays character portrait with name and everything.

Hope this helps get it more use and visibility,