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d20MUD: Star Wars is a free-to-play MUD set in the Sith Wars Era of the Old Republic, during Revan and Malak's conquest of the galaxy. We are a role play expected MUD, in the sense that we expect people to role play, but do not force them to, aside from proper observance of channel usage. We reward role play automatically through our code, and monitor chat logs to ensure there is no cheating. We are currently rebuilding our playerbase after some absence by the MUD leadership. We are also seeking staff if anyone is interested in building, making quests or writing documentation/help files. Below is a list of our features:

- True d20 System Rules
- auto experience rewards for role playing
- detailed, clean-looking score sheet
- mentor system allowing you to group with any level
- optional pvp system
- ascii automap in room descriptions
- crafting system allowing you to create your own gear with custom stats and descriptions
- traditional, diku-style pulse based combat
- MSDP & MXP enabled code
- pet system allowing for mounts, pets and companions that can tank for you and offer additional attacks each round.
- multiclassing system
- menu based levelling process
- d20 feat, skill and spell/force power systems
- mob bounties awarding exp, credits and quest points
- coded quests, some of which offer unique storylines
-guild system in the works, for additional benefits based on your guild and guild level
-clans with clan ranks, banks, clan mail, clan channel, and clan lists showing online and all members ordered by rank.
- 6 base classes, force adept, scout, scoundrel, squad leader, soldier & trader (try saying that 5 times fast!)
- 18 base races and 1 advaced race (with more to come)
- several prestige class (weapon master, jedi knight, gunslinger, rifleman, carbineer, sith apprentice, teras kasi master and more on the way!)
- taxi system for travel between zones (planets are too big for roads-only in our minds)
- shuttle system for travel between planets
- phase 1 of space system complete with purchasable ships usable to travel between planets
- 9 force powers to date (more to come)
- 3 planets, each having 3-5 zones
- market ward area for selling objects to other players, saving over reboots
- item bank for storing and sharing gear between characters on the same account
- PVP hour with double PvP bonuses, RP Hour with double rp bonuses and Faction Hour, with free pvp (outside a cantina), factional bonuses for pvp kills and role play, and double pvp and rp bonuses. Every hour is one of these three!

If this sounds like something you can sink your teeth into, come check out our web site for more information at http://www.d20mud.com

Gicker, Owner & Lead Developer
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A couple of new things to announce:

We've begun tracking people's pvp kills and losses, as well as adjusting the system to award pvp with experience points in connection to the role play that led up to it. If you haven't role played, you won't gain any awards from pvp, aside from bragging rights.

I should note that our pvp system awards both the winner and the loser with experience (on a cooldown timer)

I also borrowed (ripped off) a page from Guild Wars 2 and implemented a daily task list. Each day you are able to complete your daily tasks, which if completed will award you with account experience, reputation, and regular experience points. There are 5 task types, and you must complete 4 of the 5 to be eligible.

Come check us out guys: starwars.d20mud.com 6000
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Recent additions:

-mission system wherein you have to track down, using gather information and survival/track
skills a small group of NPCs to shoot or slash to your heart contents. Rewards are Experience,
Credits and Reputation (the last of which can be used to purchase gear or certain reputation-only

- a improved gather information skill which can reveal info on your target's whereabouts, weapons
and attack abilities, his group, and even being able to see a person's personality profile and
background, as well as a modified score sheet for them.

I've also fixed more bugs, and we have new zones in the ancient sith shrine on Korriban and Nar

Thanks to all our staff for their hard work, and for our players who give us reason to continue
making d20MUD Star Wars the great and unique thing that it is in the MUD World.

Find us at http://www.d20mud.com/starwars/ or at www.d20mud.com port 6000