Penny Dreadful encompasses an intensive roleplaying Changeling: The Lost
(Chronicles of Darkness) experience set in modern London, individual player
blogs, and our community-managed wiki. The game is played in an online MUD,
which can be connected to via telnet (or any of the free, available MUD
clients). Penny Dreadful MUD is a roleplaying game, with no mobs to kill,
items to loot, or pre-programmed quests to solve. Coded systems strive to
replicate the experience of tabletop with a group of friends, encouraging
roleplay over mechanics.


A Changeling is a human being, stolen from their lives by the True Fae and
kept a slave, servant, soldier, lover, pet, or object. No longer entirely
human, Changelings are twisted and tortured until broken in body, mind, and
soul; rebuilt according to their Keeper’s whims, the Lost are those who
managed to find their way to freedom, fighting their way through the Hedge
thorns back to the “real world.” Free they may be, but the scars of their
experience is everlasting. Their bodies have been changed to inhuman shapes,
their eyes have been opened to see the truth behind reality’s veil; beset by
hallucinations and tricks of perception, the road to recovery is long and


* Fully-featured, in-game D10 roll system
* Fully customizable and functional vehicles
* Live map code that updates as you go.
* Expansive language code
* Cell phones and SMS, customizable ringtones
* Detailed character descriptions, clothing, and voice
* Special short and long Mien descriptions
* Hedge and Goblin Market code
* Coded support for some supernatural Contracts
* Remember/Memory code support.