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Dragonball The last saga….
Our mud has alot of different things that other
Dragonball saga clones don't offer. We have a
unqiue locker system and Intrest code for the
banking system. Dragonball The Last Saga have
been being worked on by the owners for almost 3
months now. We have redone alot of the code to
create a more intresting place for you to come
and hang out at. Stock areas are currently being
worked on or being rebuilt. Your gains are
increased by the amount of players online at one
time. Dbtls is working hard to walk away from
the dragonball saga clones expectations while still
keeping the Dbsaga flare we all know and love. Our
mud is always being updated with new things being
added to help create the best possible mud we can.
Roleplay is encouraged but not forced.

We hope you see you there.

—–Dragonball The Last Saga Staff——–