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Shadow Lands is a world of adventure and intrigue, of politics and power. The realm has behind it a wealth of history, detailing the banishing of TheShadow, to encounters with the Abyss by present day heroes. The tales that can be spun from the lore of the realm are numbered and all have been shaped by the involvement of mortals within it. It is a place where people can really become Legends.

In the Land of Shadows role play is something that, while not enforced, is encouraged heavily. Quests are run by immortals, and rewards are given to those with the best roleplaying skills, as well as those who are the strongest fighters. The rewards include things such as glory and specially shaped artifacts that are unique to the game. It is these specially crafted roleplays that make the realm unique and add to its background.

Many of the features of the realm are also original, including a lot of the areas. The class selection goes from Rangers to Necromancers, Thieves to Druids, and more. All classes have original skills and spells. Extra races have also been added, each with their own strengthes and weaknesses. Clans are also available to anyone, should they have the gold to buy them. Although originally based on Smaug, the Shadow Lands has grown beyond these roots, containing 99 mortal levels. A special status, level one hundred, is reserved for those who deserve a real recognition, the Heroes of the realm. An automated quest system and a poisons system are among other features.

We are currently undergoing some major code changes, including implementing Spider Monkey's javascript support into our mud for programs and revamping the quest system. The immortal staff take a genuine interest in the ideas of mortals, and it is not uncommon to find that some feature suggested by a player has actually appeared in the game.