For many years Caine the farmer, first son of Adam was loyal to his
family and to God. But then Abel was born. Second son of Adam, Abel
the peaceful, Abel the loved, who's sacrifices were smiled upon by
the Lord. Caine saw the blessing of the Lord in Abel and was filled
with envy. Caine, in a fit of rage, did commit the first murder,
slaying his own brother Abel in hopes the Lord would favor him insted.

The Lord was outraged and cursed Caine saying, 'Caine, son of Adam,
you are cursed to ever walk the night. You will ever repeat your
crime throughout time until your heart knows shame and pity.'

Thus was the first Kindred created. We hail and acknowledge Caine
so that we might remember the beast within all of Caine's Children.

Haven is based on the popular World of Darkness RPGs by White
Wolf Publishing. You can play a character from one of three of the
major games; Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocolypse
and Mage: The Ascension. Enjoy RPing a Camarilla Kindred, or a
bloodthirsty Garou. Either way your sure to have fun. We have tons
of original code and near unlimited remorts to fill endless hours
of Mudding time. Both RPers and Hack-N-Slashers will love haven!
Features: 14 Disciplines, 70 Vampire powers and 18 clans/guilds/tribes,
5 sects, player owned rooms, gifts, rituals, rites, the Umbra and
much much more!

Come Childe and enter the Haven.. But be warned. You may never leave.