Activity Feed
The Burning Eye is back! Formerly the Rebirth of Arda, we have
returned under new management.

We have tried to make our mud as new and balanced as possible
without losing the best parts of a Rom code base. The Burning Eye
has many improvements and additions to make a good challenge for even
the most experienced mudder.

While any previous experience is an asset, newbies are welcome. We
have tried to cover everything with our comprehensive help files so
feel free to come enjoy an interpretation Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The Burning Eye features a selection of intelligent mobs who
will act 'intelligently' when fighting, casting or hunting and
avoiding the players. They will also use equipment that is lying
around, even if its your weapon and they disarmed you.
Also they all have classes and are equal to the players in almost
every way.

We feature 100 mortal levels, 12 Races, 14 Classes, 6 Clans and over
350 Skills and Spells. No Level Restrictions on Eq - rather your
options are determined by Size, Race, Align & Class.

Limited Pkill and Limited corpse Looting is allowed. Mounts,
Gravity, Languages, Background Skills, Autoquest, Study, Traps, Mob
and Object Programs, Truly Unique items, Room Affects and much more.

We have individuals who are actively working to retool current areas
that are out of theme and replace them with more appropriate
selections. Our immortal staff is active and new features are under
constant implementation. The immortal staff is happy to listen to
the ideas and opinions of the players on a wide range of matters.

Come and try The Burning Eye, we know you will like it!