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2007 - New year - New Owner! Come join Vikteren, the Staff and Players of Dreams of Demise as we settle into our new home at port 2424!Dreams of Demise is a heavily modified Godwars Deluxe codebase. With the ease of use and playability of the many Dystopia codebases out there, combined with the complex classes and fightstyles popular with the more diehard, old school Godwars players. We have original code that you will not find on any other Godwars mud. We are a newbie friendly mud, that encourages feed back - both good and bad - from our players. If you are a die hard Godwars player and enjoying making a character through hard work, then this is the place for you, but even if you are new to mudding, give us a try! Friendly staff and generally helpful longtime players create a great place to start off your new mudding addiction! Come check us out! Staff online and available virtually 24-7, we are ready, willing and able to help get you settled in and enjoying your adventure in your new mud home.