Dark Realms is a dark and gothic medieval fantasy world full of rich detail and a playing environment that's just about as beautiful as text can get. MUDs are supposed to have no end to their playability, but time and again the players reach a certain point where they have fought every monster, explored every area and obtained even the rarest of items. Having "Nothing to do" is the worst thing that can happen to a MUDder. That's why our goal is different - not to have the biggest player base, the most portable code, the most in-depth roleplay or even the most sociable MUD there is. Our goal is quite simply to have the most stuff and more importantly, to just be fun.

Dark realms gives players as much or as little control over nearly every aspect of their characters as they wish. Customize your playing experience to suit your tastes or let the game decide for you. Creative building and intelligent code allow each player to be as involved in the game as they want. We don't want bored players and there are so many features that the only reason a player can't find something to do is because their monitor isn't turned on.

- Keep track of all your characters with player accounts. Manage profiles and even trade them to other
- Test your combat skills in the battle arena in one of many different game types including (but not limited
to) Chaos, Deathmatch, Last man Standing, Team battles, One on One and Regicide. Fight for fame, fortune,
glory or item prizes. Fight under battle conditions and handicaps. Even fight under custom area layouts.
Like a particular arena setup? Ask an Immortal to save it as a template so it can be used later!
- Love racial variety? There's 65 races, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and inheirant abilities.
Each develops differently depending on the classes you choose. Earn status with other members of your race,
be it heroic fame or infamous noriety, it's up to you. Too much to choose from? Races are organized into
species. Select one of the elven species and pick a race, it's that simple.
- 23 classes to begin as. Each designed with the detail as if it were the only class in the game. Including
the dual and tri for each class, dual and tri-only and prestige classes, there are over 100 in all and an
even more mind-boggling number of combinations. It's a rare thing to see any two characters exactly the
same. Monks, dragons, demons, werewolves, angels, summoners, bards, psionicists…the list goes on.
- The Triclass system allows your character to have three classes. Become three different classes or progress
through the next stage of your class and evolve it to the highest levels of power. This remort system allows
a character to effectively level three times, with the addition of the new class and its abilities. They
gain the highest stats between their classes and gain the use of each of their particular skills at the
highest adept and lowest level.
- Three classes not enough leveling? Become an epic character and tack on an additional 200+ epic levels.
Gain more stats! Obtain stronger items! Learn more powerful skills!
- You've got your classes, gained all your epic levels and that's still not enough? Become a legend and
do it all over again! You'll permanently become a single class, but you get to name it and customize
the skills it gets. Choose from the list of skills you learned from your previous classes and gain
access to entirely new ones. Add skills, drop skills and enjoy many bonuses that all your work has earned.
- Create your own clan, guild or order. Recruit memebers, build a hall, bestow member ranks, change settings.
Run an involved organization or a lone faction, it's up to you.
- Devote yourself to a deity. These powerful beings grow old and die without worshippers. Occasionally they
will be reborn. Their general view of the world may be the same, but the aspects which they encompass
may not. They may ask things of your character..please them and they might bestow blessings. Piss them off
and..Let's just say you were warned. Become a high priest and gain deity spells! Gain their favor and become
their chosen avatar! Oppose them and become one of the forsaken, which might not be a curse depending on
how you look at it.
- Gather materials, forge new items. Reforge old ones and make them stronger. Upgrade them with over
100 special abilities, new effects or even create artifacts.
- Found a kingdom. Create a legacy. Control and manage your city state and expand your borders. Conquer
areas in the game. Recruit troops, research ancient spells and technology. Rule the hamlet or dominate
a country!
- Get more information with dynamic help files. Detailed help specific to the viwer that's current. No
more old help files that haven't been updated in years.
- Event system. Trigger global events where the game reacts to your actions and remembers you. Virtually
hundreds of missions, events and quests.
- Over 1000 spells, skills, abilities, enhancements, glyphs, songs, psionics and summoned monsters to play
with. Learn your skills and level them up with AP. Master each one and give them upgrades to increase
damage, add more effects and abilities.

Find artifacts of great rarity and learn magic of impossible power. Wield weapons that have increased elemental damage, drain mana, life or cleave body parts from your victims. Wear intelligent items that might have a bigger ego than you do.

Be as involved in the game as you want. Just don't get fired from work!