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The Periphery planet of Randis IV explodes with conflict as
rapidly growing city-states battle for dominance over one
another. Using a handful of scavenged and stolen Battlemechs,
tanks, choppers, and aerospace fighters from all over the galaxy,
the uprising political entities mercilessly fight it out with one

The players take the role of a soldier on the front lines of
one of four factions, earning their own mechs and promotions but
still upkeeping an affiliation with their city-state. This is all
done in real-time and runs using a heavily version of TinyMUX
where the players are actually able to pilot the units he or she

We are a comparatively new game considering how many years
some of the other Battletech MUXs have been running, but we have
a well-equipped staff that is ready to help out any newcomers.

Stop on by and give us a try!