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We're not just a mud. We're a community. =)

Saiyan, Shadow, Thief, Draconian, Ghoul, Priest, Skyblade, Jedi,
Drone, Fae, Giant, Hobbit, Lich, Angel, Undead Knight, Samurai,
Cyborg, Shapeshifter, Tanar'ri, Battlemage, Monk, Vampire, Ninja,
Drow, Werewolf, and Demon.

Hi there, I'm Rekwan. Let's be honest. You want a Godwars mud with a
pbase, so that you can PK on. You want constant updates, and an
owner that doesn't cheat or have an alt character. You're sick of
the usual weapons and armor, and you're sick of there not being any
status to take. Well look no further. Rek-Mud has all of these and
more. So that I don't waste your time with boring paragraphs as to
why you should play my mud, I'll just list some facts about Rek-Mud.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

Strong Pbase - We have a good pbase, probably one of the
highest, ranging from 10-25 players on at ALL times.

We have great pk and tons of status. Our Top 50 players list
shows players ranging from 40 status down to 18 status. That means
there's probably over 100+ people with status. Quite possibly more.

We have thousands of weapons and armor, including new
weapons/armor that you've never seen before on other muds. Many
items are quested and will require piecing together puzzles in order
to smith your own weapon.

Bosses. We're known for our bosses. They will desanct you,
decapitate you, and call you names. Be sure to fight them with an
empty pocket, or you'll be sure to lose all your gil. There's over
100 bosses currently.

We have four kingdoms, Titan, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva. Each
kingdom has their own unique Rune magick, which sprouts into 3
different spells for each. Find which rune benefits you the most and
join that kingdom for their struggle for power. Try over 100
possible class/rune combinations!

We have a good anti-ganging for the kingdomless, feel free to
solo and not have to worry about ganging amongst kingdoms and

Choose several different religions, benefitting from an array of
religion powers. Do battle with the Supernova, or protect yourself
with areaheal.

We have events such as Trivia, Celestial Carnages, and an
ongoing arena event. We'll be coding some more for your enjoyment
such as: Fox Hunts, Elixir Wars, etc.

#10. We have one of the most colorful and beautiful muds. Feel the
power of your items as you are drawn into the world.

We have multiple ways to continue to grow your character even
after you have seemingly maxed out. Your character's potential is
endless. Status and Tiers are no longer the only way to grow.

We have 26 classes and we plan to create more. Choose from
Satan's Demon to the Super Saiyan.

We got rid of the old, boring, artifacts that you've probably
seen on those other godwars muds and have replaced them with
stronger, more powerful and unique artifacts!

We have a friendly and strong community. Meet new friends and
old friends. You will most likely find your friends here. You'd be
surprised at how many people find their old mudding comrades here.

Arenawatch - Now you can watch and learn from players in the
arena as you watch them duke it out!

Newbie Friendly - We have hundreds of helpfiles and that
includes autoloading information that will help new players both to
Godwars and/or to muds along the way.

#17. With Rek-Mud, you have a place you can depend on, without
having to worry about those dirty pwipes. We avoid pwipes as much as
possible and take the hard route to fixing problems that otherwise
may be easily fixed by a pwipe. We care about you, the player, and
we want you to know it.

#18. With new changes made every single day, it's no wonder that
many players are logging on everyday to see what's up in Rek-Mud.

The Storyline
For years mortals have bickered and fought amongst themselves for
control of the realm. Among these mortals rose four predominant
kingdoms, each having its turn of power before another took its
place. This cycle wasrepeated over and again many times, but then
they came…

Two great deities fell to the earth that day, engaged in a great
struggle. For weeks the sky was lit up with numbing hail storms and
searing waves of fire that they hurled at each other. The
antagonistic celestials were polar opposites; the first, an icy
goddess of unimaginable beauty, the second, a demonic beast who was
endlessly ablaze. Shiva and Ifrit were their names it was fearfully
whispered. With the arrival of these two vicious gods the realmswere
thrown into a state of pandemonium. Old hatreds and vendettas were
forgotten as each mortal struggled to escape the chaos that the
battling deities brought.

With nowhere else to turn, brave adventurers sought out these
celestials and pledged their loyalty to them. As a result of their
worship the deities endowed these mortals with devastating powers
akin to their own element.

Now, with the world they used to know in complete ruin, mortals took
their places on the battleground alongside their patron deity. The
realm was once again at war, but this time it was not just man
versus man, but god versus god… …Welcome to Rek-mud. :)