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Rafermand: A New Beginning is the Rafermand 2.x from the old
3002 port transferred over. I would like to thank Xerves for
deisigning such and awesome code and releasing it so that we
can keep it running. The mud will be having several new areas
added in the next few months as well as maintaining all the
old ones. We would like to see old and new players stop by and
take a look around, to let us see what they would like to have
in the mud.

This game runs on the Fear 2.x engine that has nearly 7 years
of work on it and includes a classless and levelless system
that includes over 300 mostly custom and unique spells and
skills over 5 different spheres. Other such advantages of
this system is randomly generated quests for you and your
kingdom to run, a large wilderness map for everyone to enjoy
conquering, and the ability to hide your identity from others
through the usage of an introduction system.

We also include a pretty new gem system for upgrading your
weapons and armor, as well as the old forge system that
allows you to choose what type of weapons and armor you
would like make. We have 23 different metals to use which
can be found throughtout the mud and quest.

Stop by soon. Fight a few duels, forge your own weapons, build
a small kingdom, then takeover the world