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Created in 1991, Stickmud was at one time a fairly traditional LPMUD.
Unique to many MUDs at the time was the open nature of PK, which
generated large numbers of players showing up to duke it out using
the unique spells and skills available by their guilds. The MUD grew,
and with it so did the code. We are now a mostly unique world, with
areas ranging from original themes such as Cloud Giants, reached by
climbing a mighty beanstalk, to amusing themes such as Mutant
Teletubbies, prowling the badlands west of town. Over 25 years, many
different areas, guilds, and recently events, have been added to make
the MUD the unique environment that it is today.

Your journey starts in the town of Tristeza, which resides on a continent
of the same name. Once you have made a name for yourself as a Lord,
level 30, you will most likely begin to venture to other lands of our world.
Stickmud boasts a very large world, the starting continent making up
several thousand rooms and many separate areas. Areas like dwarven
mines, the city of Ered-Mithrin, Hobbitville, Demontown, Gorthaur, and
many other unique and intriguing spots to explore. Not only that, but the
world itself is made up of more than 3 continents, and several islands. Many
have multiple routes to get to, but our MUD also has a fully coded boat
purchasing and sailing system, allowing for sailing between islands and even
having pirate battles with NPCs and other players.

There is no character creation inside of menus at startup, you will craft
your character inside the game. In the land of StickMUD there exists 10 races
to choose from including Trolls, Dwarves, Half-Orcs, Humans, Dark Elves,
Elves, and Hobbits. For donators we currently offer the Ogre, Goblin, and
Half-elf. All races have ranging stat maxes, being important to the guild that
you plan on choosing. Character advancement is forever, as there is no cap or
limit to player levels or guild skill training. Guild training is done purely by using
those spells and skills. While there is no multi-classing available in StickMUD,
we do have a global skills system. This allows players to leave guilds (for a penalty)
and train in others if they feel like it, without loss of previously earned skills.

StickMUD currently offers 8 guilds to choose from. These include Bards,
Fighters, Mages, Necromancers, Ninjas, Thieves, Healers, and Priests.
Each have their own set of skills and abilities, unique to the history of our
MUD and that guild's lore. Each guild has its loyal supporters that will try
to recruit you, and each guild generally has a favorite race to use. Although,
many guilds are quite versatile with race selection. Guild wars and disputes
are fairly common, and as player killing is fairly open, these can get rather
large and brutal.

New to StickMUD is the event system. There has been coded a construct
for the MUD to easily host MUD-wide Events with a reward system in place.
These events occur generally once per month. Every event that is currently
offered rewards players with 'Eventpoints' which can be traded in for multiple
things such as gold, experience, no exp loss with death, or most importantly
guild skill training. StickMUD currently has 8 events that it hosts:

*The Daily Incentive - Log in and gain 50M Experience every 24Hours and get
*Double EXP - 2x Experience gain
*Double Training - 2x Guild Skill Training gain
*Zombie Apocalypse - Zombie invasion of the entire MUD, eventpts awarded
by kill count.
*Ebonflow - Town raid of the mighty monster Ebonflow. Eventpts awards by
spawn death count, and overall damage to Ebonflow.
*PK Carnage - A PvP event, eventpts awards to the top 3 pkers.
*Scavanger Hunt - A Scavanger Hunt to test how well you can explore/find
MUD items.
*Easter Egg Hunt - Easter eggs are spread amongst the entire MUD! Find
them for eventpts.

Special events occur during holidays, such as Double EXP and Training
for two weeks around Christmas, or multiple Zombie invasions on Halloween.

On top of events, the MUD includes over 40 unique quests that will puzzle even the
craftiest of minds and greatest of explorers. Some are quite amusing and fun,
while others downright challenging. There is always something new to do and see
with the quests and areas of StickMUD, and the MUD is still growing to this day.
New areas, events, and features are being coded on a fairly regular basis!

StickMUD has a loyal group of supporters who keep playing year after year,
but the game and players are very friendly to Newbies! Everyone on will be
more than happy to help you learn the ropes and gain your first few levels and
finish your first few quests. While the MUD is fairly open and liberal with pk (pvp),
we are a friendly lot and will allow you to get you feet on the ground before messing
with you. So come stop by, send a tell to someone if you get confused or lost,
and get addicted to StickMUD!