The realm of Tirradyn has been an active and role-play intensive
wonder of words for folks from every lifestyle to participate in
shaping the society in a variety of ways since 2004. We offer over
65,000 rooms, roughly 350 areas, including over 25 inns and boasting
an excess of 2000 shops. Our world is made of ten continents, four
moons and another planet, with areas of interest located on all
lands. Sea ships offer transportation between the continents where
one can witness the dolphins swimming alongside as they travel.

The unique council of Immortals, along with active players often
offers highly in-depth storylines for characters to get involved in,
solve mysteries and be a part of molding the world, for better or
worse. A questing office can be found in many of the large cities for
characters to gain employment and rewards of coin as well as unique
objects for work performed. Players can craft their own armor and
weapons, tattoos, jewelry and containers! Our questing system allows
for spell-boosted objects and custom pets.

Many areas are classified as Empires. In these lands, characters
are encouraged to get involved in the society and can climb the
proverbial ladder, eventually claiming a title of respect or a
reputation that might instill fear! Like dragons? You’ll love our
NPC Dragon Council!

A character can be a member of a guild and a religion. The religions
reflect the roster of Gods and Goddesses of Tirradyn. Some members of
the pantheon are highly visible and others prefer to keep a distance
from the spotlight. As may be expected, the differences in such a
wide world can present rising angers and heated debates that often
turn to physical outcomes. We have skilled players in the art of
role-play-combat and anticipate the option of PK being implemented in
the future for those more inclined to that manner of battle.

It is easy to make a name for oneself, positively or negatively,
depending on the style and preferences of the character/player. We
appreciate and always consider ideas submitted by our players. TG is
home and a community that many of us spend the majority of our free
time actively seeking to improve and enhance to an even better
atmosphere. We welcome visitors to come and spend time with us and see
if we may be the perfect place for your creativity.