Hello everyone! I'm back… sorta. I have re-released Sphere of Fantasy and plan on keeping it open for mostly preservation purposes. I will make some minor tweaks to the game, but that will be pretty much it beyond maintaining it. If your interested in checking it out in all its broken glory you are certainly welcome to. –Leviathan

DB: Sphere of Fantasy is a unique take on the Dragon Ball Mud genre. We are not simply a cookie cutter mud that has been thrown up, Many years of extensive coding have gone into it to make it a truly unique experience. We have many things you wont find in most of the dragon ball muds out there, including 8 unique races coded from scratch, an overhaul to the stock combat system, a brand new stat progression and stat remorting inspired by disgaea games, magic find system, limit breaks modeled after ff7 and ff10, skills with status effects (Current 11 different statuses), affinity/elemental resistance properties, tiered progression for individual players, set items( think diablo2/3), crafting system that allows forging of new items and upgrading their current items, makoabsorbing and much much more to list.

In all honestly we are unashamedly both a Dragon Ball Z Mud and a Final Fantasy Mud combining both elements to make for very fun Group PVP and PVE battles. You can team up to take down rival clan members destroy their clan flag, loot their store rooms, and gain clan wide bonuses for doing so, or you can fight in large scale Boss Battles with chances to win great gear, or save up for buying SET ITEMS that offer bonuses based on your play style. We are a different experience and I challenge you to give us a chance and come check us out in game.