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Adventures Unlimited began over 8 years ago as a modest stock
rom mud with not much more to offer than any of the thousands of
other stock muds. Over the years, the mud has grown into a multi-
faceted community with a detailed world, consistent roleplay and
many features.

We pride ourselves in bringing a game with integrity, stamina and
honesty to our players. Our channels are free of cursing and the
environment is friendly. Our players are helpful and enjoy
aiding new players. Our immortal staff is talented, experienced
and dedicated. Many of the staff have been part of AU for over
5 years.

Adventures Unlimited is not a cookie cutter rom based mud. The
development has been focused not on what other muds provide to
their players but instead on the path that AU occupies alone.
The land of Tharel has been developed continuously throughout the
years of the existing of AU. It has gone from a completely stock
world with no original areas to 75% original with over 14,000

AU continues to develop and evolve. Our website contains logs of
all of our changes made from 2001 to the present day. The vast
amount of work shows our longterm dedication to the game and the
player base. We have high player satisfaction and provide a quality
and fun product to our players.

Come and join our community! Experience the land of Tharel!