I write these words in the hope that our history will our live us.

This plain of Thera has been plagued for the last 100 years by various lusts of mankind. In his efforts to gain power, riches and the like, kingdoms and races have been erased from existence leaving massive destruction. One such man, who's name is unknown by all save the Demon Lords, sought not kingdoms, but the entire of Thera. This one man's conquest led him into a pact with the Demon Lords, he would create A Dark Portal between Thera and the very Bowls of Hell. As he prepared to create such a portal many attempted to assassinate him, entire armies were sent to break through his defenses and slay this Wizard only to be meet with defeat at the hands of his Death-Knights.

A mighty wizard, born of the gods it is rumored, arose to defeat the Bringer of the Demon Lords. This heroin was joined by Highmen Paladins, Mariner Bounty-Hunters and Hillmen Berserker Tribes. Together they seized the Dark City, defeated the Death-Knights and torn the city walls down. Upon entering the Bringer of Demon Lords layer they were confronted with horror beyond words, humankind had been mixed with wolfkind. These savage beasts ripped through the God-Born's armies and did not stop till the heroen herself was slain at their hands.

That battle was only a few years ago. It has left the ranks of Thera's defenders empty and with out heroes or heroines. It is said others will arise to defeat the Bringer of the Demon Lords, but it is not known who or when.

Keeper of Knowledge