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Burning MUD has a long history of hack n' slash, going all the way
back to around 1990, with the current version online since 1996.
Join us and see why Burning is one of the longest running MUDs
in history!

Join an ancient world of epic scale and difficulty spanning across two
massive continents, fighting intense battles in groups of up to 50
players or more to defeat nearly immortal creatures. Adventurer,
be warned!

With Burning Multi-classing, there are over 60 deadly
combinations of character classes to explore such as the
Rogue/Mage, a deadly combination of treachery and magic, or
the Templar/Templar, so focused in his holy arts that he can
perform a miracle on a dying ally, or even something more exotic
like the Nightblade/Warlock, whom embraces the dark arts and
lives her life as an assassin.

Team up and explore the depths of the Well, a 20-level deep
cavernous expanse of over 6,000 procedurally generated rooms,
each level harder and more rewarding than the last. Facing down
creatures of unspeakable power who reside in the depths of the
Well can be difficult even for large groups of experienced players,
but the rewards can be great. Here you can find fragments of
elemental essence, which when collected, can transform your
character into a new race, and more.

Become a powerful force in a massive world of over 400 areas, with
thousands of unique items and creatures. Join us adventurer, as
there are yet powerful foes who remain undefeated, and we need
your help!