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Heroes of the Lance 3 - Unique Fusion and Skills System (self.MUD)
submitted 1 month ago * by raistie
Heroes of the Lance 3 is a Dragonlance, Forgotten realms based mud.
We have a unique skills/spells/class system without restrictions on what you can learn. Through learning from books, full customisation of skills is possible.
A unique class is then assigned based on your choices. However, this also means it's easier to 'screw up' your character.
There are over 30 races to choose from and no two are alike. Depending on the 'time you are born', you would get a unique character with different inclinations and abilities.

Players can then 'fuse' (mate :P) with each other to mix-and-match genes, thus creating new characters that evolve or inherit genetics from the fusion process.
This provides almost endless personalised character development and playing.
With an AP system, every action you take is perfectly controlled by YOU - gone are the days where you use a skill and not get immediate action.
This also means war is fast-paced…. and exhilarating.

Although we have a steep custom learning curve, if you are up for the challenge and can get past the initial difficulty,
You will definitely find a uniquely rewarding experience that is not offered by many other muds.