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The Infected City: Once an over populated city, full of life, from animals, children, hobos, straight on through to the tallest buildings owners and executives. Then the plague hit. Out of no where, the people began to fall ill and eventually die. Soon after the Center for Disease Control quarantined the whole city to protect the illness from spreading.

The survivors were left on their own, to survive, or die. There was no escape from the quarantine, if you were inside, you were trapped. Life had to go on, as life will always find a way. Unfortunately, life did find a way, those who had died from the Plague would soon rise from the graves to feast on the living. Life, as it were, had to change.

After 75 years, the survivors inside The Infected City have broken into factions, and fight for food, and supplies. Survival is all that matters, especially since the dead, have their own agenda too.

Can you survive the Hordes of Flesh Eating Zombies, the factions of hostile survivors, and the throngs mazes, puzzles, and horrors that await within?