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Introduction Drag(*)nball Z: Epic is a Dragon Ball Z MUD, run on a custom codebase (rather than Smaug or some such). It is an open PVP game, though the primary focus is PVE. Roleplaying is allowed, though not enforced. There is no permadeath, though if you are killed in PVP, you lose some of your Powerlevel. Content The MUD has quite an impressive set of features: multiple types of characters such as Saiyans, Androids, Nameks, Halfbreeds, Icers, Bio-Androids and Demons (Mutants, Genies and Tuffles to be added soon), all the various transformations from the series, and a unique timed system for melee combat that really breaks up the tedium of the usual 'attack mob, wait for it to die, loot mob' combat functionality seen on many other MUDs. There are no automatic hits in this: you must actually pay attention in combat to be able to do well! Due to this system, it is also functionally not possible to bot. Virtually every attack seen in the series is present, though obviously only certain characters can learn certain attacks; eg, only a Namek could use the special beam cannon attack, and only an android can drain energy with their hand. Many character classes have transformations that can be aquired in various ways, further increasing their utility. A custom attack system will be in the works later on. There are currently five planets to go too. Earth, Namek, Arlia, Vegeta and other world such as HFIL, King Kais and snake way. with plans to add in more soon! There is also many different types of eq based off tiers 1-9 and common, rare, legendary. All which add stat increases to your defense and offense. The Dragon Balls are active once every 48 hours and allow for 2 wishes… Player Base Low, for the moment. The MUD usually has from 5-10 people on at most times of the day, and slightly more at peak hours. Those that are on are generally helpful and friendly, especially to newbies, however. I recieved a lot of good advice from people after I joined. Stability The MUD is extremely stable. I have virtually no complaints: there has never been a crash the entire time I've used it. The only down times are the brief (30 seconds-ish) when the MUD is reboot to add in changes. While this might happen a couple times of day, our Coder is very respectful and announces it beforehand and allows players to finish their fights and to save before rebooting. Balance The races ingame are all relatively well balanced; one might expect Saiyans to completely dominate due to the events of the show, but in practice, the character types are extremely diverse. PVP is limited in such a fashion that you may only be attacked by someone who's power level is within a certain amount of yours; this prevents newbie poaching and griefing to an extent. There are also safe zones on Earth that one may go to if they need to idle, or if you just want to chat in the OOC channel. Advancement Grinding up isn't too hard, though it can be easier for some races than others (not significantly enough to unbalance things, however). There is a wide variety of enemies of various strengths to fight, so you shouldn't usually have trouble finding things to beat on. You can group with multiple other characters to take on tough opponents, which helps as well. Summary To cap things off, Drag(*)nball Z: Epic is probably the best DBZ MUD out there at the moment. If you're looking for something a little old school that is a nice challenge, this is the place for you. We are very newbie friendly and anyone of our players will be more then willing to answer any questions or help you out. We also have a fully active staff and there is always an Admin logged on. We are contantly adding and make new changes every week to keep things fresh. We understand the value of our community and want to keep growing.