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Stardust & Lightblades is a free to play game that mixes medieval fantasy with steampunk. While rp is not enforced, it is highly encouraged and players who do not partake in at least some may find themselves at a disadvantage. There are many races to choose from with some more in development. It is a classless mud with a focus being on developing the character and discovering new skills and abilities through discovery and questing.

We are currently in building/Alpha stages, seeking experienced builders who are willing to dedicate time when available and also players to test the world out and offer suggestions. The world lore has been highly worked on with four main continents, although suggestions on implementation and improvements are always welcome. Many features are still in-progress such as crafting, further remort additions, and various modes of transportation.

Please stop on by, although pardon the dust! See how you can help or just get in early to see your character's presence in the world as the dust starts to clear!
port: 4010