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Erion takes place in a large, medieval setting and offers many, many features that provide hours of entertainment.

There are 11 primary classes to choose from such as Archers, Clerics, Gaians, Illusionists, Mages, Monks, Necromancers, Psionicists, Thieves, Warriors, and Witches. Each class branches off into 3 subclasses such as Beastmaster, Priest, Herbalist, Battle Mage, Defender, etc. that unlock unique skills and spells. Stats play an important role in character building and armor is vital in surviving against monsters as you level up your character.

Various race options are available to choose from such as Elves, Felines, Shades, Vampires, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Fishmen, etc. Races are able to evolve into a stronger version of themselves, such as Human to Angel, Hatchling to Dragon, and Vampire to Lich.

An optional feature is Houses (clans), which are designed based on different styles of gameplay. Each has something to offer the Questor, Hack-'n-Slasher, Healer, Explorer, Alchemist, and Player-Killer.

Some notable game features include: toggles that reduce battle spam and other spammy output, a screen reader toggle to improve the game experience for VI players, multiclassing up to 2 primary classes, more than 600 skills and spells, a restart command (play as many classes and races as you want without deleting), a class command that allows you to replace a class without starting over, faux levels (gain practices, hp and mana after reaching max level), equipment modification through runes and spellcasting, a Hardcore toggle (harder mobs, higher XP), weekly automated events (xp, qp, gold, no quest timers, bloodbaths), a mission progress tracking system for custom-built quests, a Monster Arena with four difficulty modes, player housing and player shops, a PermaDeath mode, 20+ leader boards (top qps, unique mob kills, PermaDeath levels, unscrambled words), and many other fun features.

The builders and coders of Erion are extremely ambitious and are working towards total customization of the MUD. As one of our players once said, "Hard to imagine this used to be ROM." Ideas from the playerbase are frequently implemented, bugs are fixed promptly (often on the same day the bug report was made), and the players and staff make for a friendly community where all are welcome!