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Legends of Hatred is the continuation of Moments of Hatred which was
created in 2010 by Jaden. Legends of Hatred (then MoH) started as an
OLD school classic GodWars MUD, based upon Lords of War code from 1998.

Legends of Hatred is one of the MOST unique GodWars muds currently
online. Whilst we feature the standard GodWars classes, ours have
been recoded from the ground up.

We currently have eight Pure Breed classes as well as an additional
twenty-one Hybrid classes.

Some of our features include:
* Account system - Keep all your players together.
* Kingdoms Players can band together and create their own Kingdom.
* Kingdom Equipment Kingdoms can improve their own specialized EQ.
* Kingdom Skills Kingdoms can gain access to additional Skills.
* Arena - Put yourself VS other players to test your Player Kill skills.
* COMPLETELY recoded combat system, you will not find the stock hitroll,
damroll or armour class. (See "statistics" when you connect to the
MUD for more information).
* Overland Map system.
* MUD based Wiki Players can submit their own help files, tutorials,
FAQs, etc to keep help files up to date.
* Modified version of KaVir's MUD Protocol Snippet, which features:
MSSP, MDSP, MCCP, UTF-8 Characters, MXP, 256 Colours and TType.
(Legends of Hatred was the FIRST mud to test KaVir's Protocol
Snippet in 2011 says so in the release notes for the snippet. RoW
= Legends of Hatred.)

16-Sep-2013 Update:

* Treasure chests added
* Weaponskills are NOW weapon types not damage types ie Sword, Hit.
* Gems now have size/quality modifiers.
* Random EQ now loads inside Chests, and has a chance to load with
sockets, to allow insetting of multiple gems
* Forge command removed, now is Inset.
* 'Lotto' system added, can win gold, gems and in time other valuables
as well.

Upcoming features to include:

* Dynamic Areas. (Dungeons/Instances)
* Player Definable who, and score screens.
* Daily Events.
* Monthly PK Events.
* Integrated MUD web page.

and much much more!

In the 3 years since the MUD was created we have logged over 1100
changes to the code!

In the past 2 years Legend of Hatred has gone through MASSIVE changes
to the code, thanks to Jindrak, therefore there may be a lot of things
that don't quite work as expected. If you find anything like this
while playing, please report it so we can get it fixed as soon as

The immortals of Legends of Hatred have been around in the GodWars
scene for a long time, I (Tijer) have been playing GodWars MUDs since
1996 and have ran a String of very successful Muds since 1997.
Jindrak is the creator of the ShyteMUD codebase, and has worked on
his Carnival of Carnage / GodWars: Legends codebases over the past 10
years or so.

Our aim is to make Legends of Hatred, the most stable fun GodWars
MUD that is currently running, we're here to stay.

We're hosted on a VPS that is paid up for another year so there is no
chance of us vanishing like most of the other GodWars muds that
spring up from time to time.. We are well over a year old and are
still working on improving the codebase, daily…

Go to port 3500, to see what you have been missing out
on. A UNIQUE take upon the GodWars genre, with the feel of an OLD

I ALSO offer hosting to GodWars MUDs on, send an email,
and i'll get back to you ASAP.