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It has now been two years since the Battle for Endor.

The ever growing New Republic wields more and more control
as planet after planet joins the relatively new organization.
Restoring order and peace throughout the galaxy through diplomatic
terms remains their top priority.

In opposition, the Galactic Empire, still suffering from the loss
of its beloved Emperor still remains a force throughout the
galaxy. Retaining control over several key worlds, the new Emperor
looks to correct the mistake that is the New Republic and restore
the glory and might of the Galactic Empire.

Meanwhile, in the background, more and more organizations are
forming now that the iron fist of the Empire is pre-occupied
with the newly formed New Republic. No one yet knows what
these organizations have in mind for the galaxy, are they
looking to make an attempt on control themselves? Are they
just out looking for themselves only?

You won't know unless you join us at Star Wars: Celestial Horizons.
Come and play with our ever growing list of features and changes.
Make a change in our galaxy….