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Many, many end game areas with boss mobs that are truly challenging. A unique advancement system that lets you continue to improve the power of your character even after you've reached max level. Additionally, you can kill legendary mobs for enhancement points, or hunt essences to further improve your gear. The artifact hunt is second to none and the areas are unique and diverse! The character classes have unique skills which can critically wound a monster to kill it instantly, or heal the player, or stun – all depending on the class. And finally, clan based PvP is here for anyone needing to get their PvP fix. Come check it out!

Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends

1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently!
2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items
3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!!
4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities
5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord…
6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body…
7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs
8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks
9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting
10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation
11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, & more
12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players!
13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!!
14. Event System adds variety and uniqueness to the world.