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Welcome to Narnia, the charming mythological realm as
created by C.S. Lewis in the 7-book series,
_The Chronicles of Narnia_.
It is now Narnian Year 1012, and the four Pevensies,
secure on their thrones at Cair Paravel, have commemorated
the 12th anniversary of the fall of the White Witch. Narnia
has entered a golden age of prosperity stretching from
Beaversdam and the Lamppost in the west to Beruna in the
south and beyond.

Not all is sunshine in these halcyon days, however. There
have been disturbing reports from the north, where those
who escaped the Witch's fall have been biding their time
and waiting for the opportune moment. Several patrols have
returned with disturbing rumors of traces of giant
incursions. Peace has its pitfalls too, and many Narnians
have forgotten that even in the heat of summer, winter is
never far behind.

Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, charged with keeping their
people safe and happy, have a great deal to do, between
mediating between various talking beasts and receiving the
ambassadors from Calormene. They have come seeking new
alliances with their Narnian neighbors, but is that the sum
total of their ambition?