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It is a time of Jedi Civil War. Across the galaxy, invading forces of the Sith Empire attack the unprepared planets of the Old Republic. Led by the fallen Jedi turned Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Malak, Sith fleets claim planet after planet. Betrayal is everywhere as Jedi battle their former brethren, corrupted by Sith teaching and the dark side.

It is a time of heroes on both sides of the conflict. The Sith grow their empire from the ranks of the Jedi and those under their training every day. The Jedi strain to recoup losses from those who have turned to the dark side, and prepare to train a new generation of jedi. The Mandalorians continue to recruit able warriors into their clans, and the Hutts as always are looking for a way to profit from the endless wars.

Which side to you choose to support? Are you a terrifying Sith, or a noble Jedi? A fearsome Mandalorian warrior, or a smuggler just rying to make his way in the galaxy? A republic diplomat or a wayward explorer? The galaxy is a massive place, and here you will make your mark. Here you will rise to fame and untold power.


d20MUD: Star Wars is a text based multiplayer role playing game or
'MUD', using the SAGA Edition of the d20 rules published in 2007
by Wizards of the Coast.

The MUD is currently in the process of being built, and we have enough done to be considered fully playable to most people. We are
looking for play testers, and prospective staff. If you are interested in participating in some way, feel free to log in and look around,
or email the owner at gicker:AT:d20mud:DOT:com.

See you on the MUD!