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The Burning Post II is an level-less, class-less online roleplaying
game set during a time period similar to the late middle ages.

The game revolves around mages and the Inquisitors of the Holy Order
of King Dav that hunt them, as well as race relations between the
Church's 'favorite' people, the Lithmorrans, and the Vavardi with whom
they were recently at war.

A sequel to the original Burning Post MUD, the game takes place on the
island of New Yarsith, shortly after a brutal, decade-long war between
the Lithmorrans and Vavardi. The island was heavily impacted by the
war, and was even held by the rebel Vavardi for several years. As a
result, race relations between the two groups are at an all-time low.

An RP-enforced MUD (we do have public channels), experience in the
Burning Post II is earned through role-play, as is all character

We're currently coming to the end of our beta-testing period, and
we'd love new players to join our loyal player-base! Applications
aren't required for most concepts, so you can design your character
and jump right into the game.

For more information on the theme, our website contains a link to
our game's wiki, which contains many of our game's more important
help files.