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Our goal is have a massive mud up and running. We hope to make a fun world to visit and make friends in.
our story:
In the futile era of japan, rumors of demons and demon slayers can be heard through out the country. Though a lot of demons are considered evil, there are many good demons who fight off the evil innvasion. One day a demon who half hunman and half dog found a way to move back and forth through time. This demon used the gate way many many times untill the time of his death agenst on of the most evil demon in the land. The gateway was sealed, until…A brave human found his way into the gate room and walked through the gate and found his way into the futile era. From that day on people used the gate to go back and forth, while demons used it to enter the present time period. During this time the demons who have crossed over to the present time have been controlled by a sosicty of guardians known as Soul Reapers. These people have kept the demons from over running the present day like they did in the past. One day while Soul Socioty was batlleing a rather large demon, the ground was blown open and another gate was dicovered. The scientist who spent there time learning all they could about this gate. Though it was belived that this second gate lead into the past as well, but a diffrent location. This gate never accepted any codes that they knew would lead to the past. Then a soul reaper who has been around a long time remembered that, there was a gate manual in a book in the libery of the Soul Socitiy that listed all the gate codes. He went and reterived this book and it had a code for this gate as well. The code was imputed into the gate and it opened. A soul reaper walked through and saw that it lead into some woods. This person walked to the edge of the woods and found flying cars and air ships that these ships lifted off into the atmoshper. Upon asking a few people it was realved that there are gates in space big enough for ships to travle between planets.