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Chaos is back, with a new administration. Come join us, as we improve
the Chaos code, and bring back a place that people were upset about
when it shut down. Lately we've been one of the fasting climbing MUDs
on this site, and we are constantly updating and refining gameplay.

From the whirling blades of Barbarians to the heroic cleave of mental
warriors like the Reaver, the magical mastery of Warlocks, Bards and
Wizards to the trickery of a Ninja's smokebomb, you will have no
problem finding a class to suit your fancy.

The races also add an extra dimension to gameplay. Shadows can
slip through doors and into rooms unnoticed, and the reclusive
halflings never fail to hide from the eyes of others. The blood of
vampires runs hot in the middle of the night as they leech health
from their victims, and demons cause a great blight to theirs. Angels
rejoice with heavens charge and grow in their heavenly union to
create a bond of strength with their deity.

Chaos is a heavily modified Merc code that was created for a fully
customizable Fantasy world. We offer lots of original areas with mob
interaction and mob-run quests, as well as a few customized, generic
areas and an intricate system of roads, rivers, and oceans. We have
16 races, offer clans with clan rooms and associated bonuses, and a
myriad other custom features.

Chaos has 500 player levels where you play the first 100 levels in
one of 6 main classes. Then at level 100 players must choose between
three different specializations of their class, with each
specialization having a unique skill set with their own weaknesses
and strengths. There is a damage, utility, and tank specialization
for each of the six main classes. After Level 500, there are the
LEGEND levels, with their own unique skills, quests, and equipment.

If you would like to wield a legendary Chaos weapon and acquire
special orbs through quests to increase your weapon's power, slay
potent enemies with spells and skills like Were-dragon, Force Spikes,
Ultimo, Assassinate, Midnight Blast, Dragon Strike, Swirling Blades,
and Whirlwind or travel through the world with an Energy Vortex or a
Ghostly Steed, then Chaos is the place for you. We hope to see you