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Looking for something different, something challenging?
Now in its 13th year, LegendMUD is a classless mud offering
unique professions and endless possibilities.

Imagine an Earth where time is fractured, and performing
menial tasks can get you sent backwards or forwards through
time, from ancient days all the way through the Industrial
period, in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but all of
the great myths and legends from history are real: from
mystical sidhe dwelling in the forests of ancient Ireland,
to ravenous sea monsters patrolling the unexplored waters
of the medieval Atlantic, to fiendish hellhounds prowling
the fog-choked moors of 19th century England. And depending
on where and when you grew up, you can use all the skills
known to the people of the time!

Are you one of the ancients? You can master herbalism and
use the dozens of herbs at your disposal to concoct potions,
flavored brews and healing poultices…or master a magic
system boasting over 150 spells in specialties such as divination, conjuration, and illusion.

Or perhaps you derive from more modern times? Become a doctor
and apply medications, anesthesia and field surgery to your patients…or become a crack shot and rely on your trusty
firearms (including pistols, rifles, bows, and more) to deal
some serious hurting. Then make your escape in one of many
modern vehicles like planes, cars or even a hot air balloon.
You can mix and match abilities available to you from any
one of six starting hometowns, including our newest addition:
Gold Rush San Francisco.

All of Legend's areas are original and carefully researched,
from Ancient Egypt and Celtic Ireland to Viking Scandinavia
and the Crusades to Victorian London and LegendMUD's latest
area addition: Dartmoor, based on the writings of Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle. We even have high-level group areas, where
parties of players can join forces to tackle armies of
epic beasts none could stand alone against.

Touches like optional player descriptions, equipment stringing,
and anadvanced moods system for realistic speech make LegendMUD
a great roleplaying environment. When it's fortune and glory
you seek, there are hundreds of quests ranging from minor
tasks to epic adventures. You can even earn experience by

Additionally, our TWO playerkill systems have many rewarding
features for the competitive gamer. Become PKE enabled, and
battle it out with all other PKE players, anywhere, anytime.
Or, for a less chaotic experience, join the PKOK system and
pkill only with the players you know and trust. Our
sophisticated combat system is easy to pick up, but
difficult to master, so gamers will find lots of depth the
more time they spend practicing to become the ultimate warrior.

Many great personalities have lived and died in the world
of Legend over its 12 years, some so famous (or infamous)
that they have been immortalized as Legends of the Past
replica mobs that still wander thelands to this day.
Interact with and battle against them for a little piece
of history, or build your own fortunes and become one
yourself someday after you've passed on!

For those who have already mastered the game to level 50,
we've got a brand new set of post-50 goals to achieve. Earn
special experience in each era of history, and apply it
towards earning brand new, high-powered skills such as
Standing Regen, Deathtrap Avoidance and Vicious Backstab.

There are no rent fees, but there are themed free-forming
clans, a complex weapons proficiencies system for variable
speed combat, player-owned housing, Immortal-run events
within the game such as recall tag, trivia, flag hunts,
and rp tinyplots. All this plus stable code, built-in
aliases, the Legendary Times newsletter, the Legend
Discussion Forum, and a mature, friendly playerbase.