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Kingdom Heroes is a game rich with fun features for all kinds of
mudders. For the explorer, we have elaborate and unique areas
built not only for the hack-and-slash player but also for those
who love to discover hidden rooms and secrets and take part in
complex, interactive, and challenging area quests. Kingdom Heroes
also offers party quests where grouping is a requirement; players
work together to solve puzzles, slay monsters, and successfully
pass stages in the quest. On Kingdom Heroes, players are rewarded
for grouping–for each group member there is an experience bonus
for killing monsters.

For the competitive player there are the top 50 leader boards which
keep track of player stats under many categories. We offer global
quest competitions where players all around the mud race against the
clock to be the fastest to kill designated baddies. Magical runes
can be used to enhance player equipment. We also offer limited
artifacts which players must 'rent' to keep their hands on them.

For the questor we offer different word games, some of which require
the player to hunt down letter pieces to string together words or
phrases. There is a standard autoquest system and a glorified quest
system where players are sent off to kill multiple targets. In these
quests, the rewards are much bigger. Rewards can be used to purchase
class specific quest gear which when purchased in a full set gives
extra bonuses to the wearer.

For the merchant there are player run shops. Players have the option
to sell their wares in either gold or quest point currencies.

Players have free reign and creation of clans. Player killing is
divided into three branches. Non-player killing clans, restricted
player-killing clans, and full on player-killing clans whose members
can dispatch other players and loot equipment. Those in PK clans
are able to take and attempt to maintain ownership of areas through
our clan conquest system.

Every Saturday night at 8PM EST we have a quadrupled experience event.
So, come! Enter a world of entertainment, competition, and