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There is a storm on all horizons of Oerth. Iuz's army of demons
has all but crushed the Shield Lands and clashes with the
might forces of Good in the Kingdom of Furyondy. Turrosh Mok
plots the demise of the entire Wild Coast and most notably the
City of Greyhawk. All the while, Queen Yolande sits quiet,
unwilling to commit elven lives to human wars. Paranoia
strickens every government as the Scarlet Brotherhood seems
capable of infiltrating even the most closed kingdoms. Immortals
with their motives sit high above, watching their followers
and enemies closely. Heroes of every alignment fight for their
cause, while others fight for survival. This is the World of
Greyhawk, this is Arrant Destiny.

* Arrant Destiny has existed and grown constantly for over 13 years.
* It uses a heavily Modified Envy 2.0 Codebase.
* Has a highly evolved and balanced combat system.
* 16 unique classes.
* 14 playable races, and over 80 through the polymorph spell.
* Hundreds of spells and skills.
* Unique spell system where you have to memorize spells before you can cast them.
* Thousands of treasures to seek.
* Over 80 areas, nearing 10,000 rooms.
* Active builders and Immortals.
* Accurately based on the D&D World of Greyhawk Campaign.
* Great emphasis on Roleplay.