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8BitMUSH is a collaborative virtual world, where every player is encouraged to extend the game with their own creations. 8Bit is text-based, enhanced with 256 colors and over a hundred symbol, shading, and line-drawing characters. Players combine them in clever ways (using our mouse-driven paint program) to draw FANSI Artwork. The community is very social, with over 10 years of history, real life gatherings, and a unique culture consisting of lava hats, cosmic mules and meeple hunting.

A virtual economy allows players to run their own companies, invest in the stock market, and buy and sell products from various shops and vendors. Blast off into space and mine minerals and colonize planets. Explore the ocean in search of treasure, battling monsters and gaining experience. Solve interactive fiction puzzles, play board and arcade games, gamble at the casino, and explore hundreds of player-built areas. If THAT isn't enough to convince you: we also single-handedly won MUSH World War II, defeating tyranny and securing freedom for the entire MU* Community. You're welcome.