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DBE is one of the longest running DBZ MUDs online that continues to
expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to
create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give
you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though
DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or
influences wont exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE
is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If youre looking for a different
view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.

DBE Includes:

* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense,
Healer and All-Around)
* 100 skills split between all the races
* Skills that upgrade through transformations
* 14,000 rooms
* 7 planets, Majinia, Outer Space, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell
* 80+ quests to set out on
* over 4,000 items can be bought, found or created
* 7 clans
* Weekly events and Double Experience weekends
* 24/7 PK Dragonball Hunt
* Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers
* PK Wars and RP events held often
* Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue
* Bloodlust which is full PK mode that offers multiple buffs
* Houses, custom items and pets can be earned
* Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed
* Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different
* Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga
* Level based system with virtually no cap
* Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years
* Freedom of Speech if not being malicious
* Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed)
* Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to

If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.

Hope to see you there,
Ozma and the Staff of DBE