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Alter Aeon is a custom MUD written entirely from scratch. The theme is fantasy, with magic, swords, and sorcery. There's little technology, and what there is, is either imported, misunderstood, or both. There are six character classes, and the game is structured entirely around multiclassing. Your true class as you reach higher levels is usually a combination of your top two or three classes, and the skillsets you pick. PK and PvP is only allowed via temporary registration.

Note that Alter Aeon is not an RP enforced or encouraged game. We have big system events every month or two which can be RP, but most player interaction is not. That said, the world has an amazing amount of lore, backstory, and history. There are hundreds of story-based quests and storylines, some of them spanning continents.

Other features:

- A high userload, regularly exceeding a hundred active players
- Instancing to limit conflict in high value zones
- A custom client with built in maps
- Soundpacks and extensive support for the blind and visually impaired
- Multiple PK options, including arenas and clan wars
- Various crafting options, including potions, staffs, scrolls, grenades, enchanting, and more.
- Boats and seafaring ships
- Player owned and operated clans and item shops
- Player owned and moderated channels
- Socialization support - built in ignore, friends lists, private messages, mudmail, etc.
- Accounts for keeping track of multiple characters

We hope to see you there!