Activity Feed
The Final Challenge began in March of 1994, and is more
commonly known to those who play it as TFC or 'the mud'. It
has a dedicated, addicted, & friendly player base from all
over the world that enjoys meeting new people and
interacting. TFC attracts a variety of types of players.
You'll find players who place a heavy emphasis on role-
playing, those who are PKers, those who enjoy the puzzles,
challenges, and mobmasteries in the game, those who enjoy
exploring the almost entirely unique 12,000+ room world,
those who like to sit and chat, & those who are a mixture
of all of the above. And you won't get lost in the crowd -
since there are generally 20-30 people online at a time.

TFC has a god-follower system and a variety of alignment
flavors that a character can choose from. Of course,
characters can also go it on their own and remain
unaligned. Characters may dual and triple class as well.
Players may also have multiple characters (and many do), so
long as they are not online at the same time and are played
as separate individuals. Stop by 4000
and check it out for yourself.