Currently being worked on by a meager staff that's trying to recruit new blood while maintaining a constant stream of new updates. However the MUD's world itself however still resembling a stock ROM will over time be made into a beautiful world of fantasy and steam-powered machinery. Using characters, stories, and locations initially made during years of Dungeons and Dragons sessions (playing a custom module) that later would be used to begin creating the skeleton of a RPG video game that still as you read this is in the process of development.

The areas will be original, no anime/movie/literary/video game based areas- strictly areas created for the world of Clockwork. Character classes range from the paladin-like Marshall Guards and the fun loving Tricksters to the hex wielding Diabolists and the dirty sea-faring Pirate. 4 deities are currently available for characters to worship, 1 evil, 1 good, 2 neutral, and more are on the way. A wide range of races, each with various advantages and disadvantages. Roleplay is strongly encouraged and will be rewarded.

Currently we offer:

- 16 classes available upon creation
- Over 25 races
- An auto-quest system
- Several pk clans available from the start, each with their own connections to the game's world
- ANSI Color
- Equipment saving on exit

And in works so as to be coming in the near future:

- A remort system featuring 2 additional tiers, with the 2nd tier set opening up 16 additional classes, and the 3rd tier set of which will include special quest requirements to unlock and will feature several additional class choices including special race-related classes.
- Hundreds of new and original skills and spells
- A huge world to explore
- Several ways of character customization to help enhance the roleplay experience
- Multiple additional autoquest system, each with their own rewards and perils

So feel free to stop by and visit us and if you're a builder or coder interested in joining our staff send us a message. All inquiring builders/coders will be spoken to and given a explanation of the world of Clockwork to give a better feel for what is required.