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Codebase: DikuMUD/Merc/Mordor (Heavily modified from Merc since 1996.)
Open since: January, 1997
Theme: Tolkien [Totally Tolkien]

Mordor's unequaled road system consists of an extremely accurate map based on Tolkien's map of Middle Earth. Explore over 70 unique areas throughout Middle Earth including: Isengard, Edoras, Midgewater, Helms Deep, Fangorn, Shelob's Lair, Lothlorien, Rivendell, Lonely Mountain, Barad-dur, Dol Guldur, Durthang, Mount Doom, Bree, Westfarthing, everywhere the Fellowship ventured, and many more areas from Tolkien lore.

Mordor's unique multi-class system, along with its remort classes and extended race selection, allows you to completely customize your character. Role-play as good or evil and engage in player vs. player battles by joining an alliance such as the Eye of Sauron, the Hand of Saruman, the Haradrim, the Last Alliance, the Northern Rangers, or the White Council. For riskier adventurers, Mordor also offers a few independent guilds where you may participate in player vs. player combat without the loyalties or protection of an alliance. We also have an alliance dedicated to helping newbies - the Guardians of Mordor. All alliances are ever evolving by expanding their halls and adding new equipment.

We have a full time Quest Master and often offer unique Immortal run quests. The Immortal staff is constantly building and programming new features for Mordor, and the player base consists of many different characters. Mordor, even after being around for over a decade, is still consistently modifying itself to ensure balance and excitement for all of the players.