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Neo Infinity will not be based just on Dragonball,
I like other Animes also and have yet to see a good
mud that uses multiple Animes, created on the Smaug
Codebase, so I decided to make one. The only other
one I know about was created by me almost three years
ago and was stolen. I started this mud back when I
was in Highschool like 6 years ago and never got to
do anything with it. The Highschool Computers wouldn't
allow me to do much back then.

Let me start over, I am opening a very newbie friendly
mud, I need a full staff pretty much, I am very picky
about who I hire, but I do want a staff that at least
knows what they are doing. I am willing to train anyone
who wants to learn to build. I am not hiring coders at
the moment. The entire mud is pretty much stock DBSaga
areas, but I am trying to add on to them. I want to keep
them as a Tribute to DBSaga.

I encourage Roleplaying because I enjoy watching the
crazy stuff some of the players come up with.

Currently I will be porting over a few new Races that I
have created on DBTFF before I had a mental block and
quit working there. Fierians, Hylians and Reploids.
Reploids, when they are installed, will not have much
based on Abilities, but I will be trying to redo them
so they play more like in the Megaman games. I am also
open to creating more new races based on players Ideas,
but that is an in mud issue once you have made yourself
at home.