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Dbnu:hb is a Dragonball z mud that undergoing changes
daily as we break away from the Saga Clone-age and
work towards being a more Unique Dragonball MUD.

We offer a newbie friendly environment. We encourage
roleplaying, but do not enforce it. We have many
unique systems that allow players to expand in may
different directions. Whether it be Roleplaying, Player
Killing, or just playing the game.

We offer a working clan system, a unique reincarnate
system, A Race Rank system, Automatic questing, as
well as a wide range of areas and races. The mud is
always being worked on, by our friendly immortal staff.

Players are willing to help newbies along whenever
asked. Immortals are very hands on when it comes
to the players, because we believe that the mud
is yours just as much as ours.

Currently hiring RP Immortals, and builders. Any one
interested should apply on the forums and be ready
for a test on your job abilities.