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Come join an Empire or start your own!

After 13 years of EmpireMUD 1.0 and 2 years of alpha development, original EmpireMUD creator Paul Clarke has released the beta version of EmpireMUD 2.0. Come check us out and experience the thrill of a MUD unlike any other.

EmpireMUD did a full world and player wipe on May 2, 2015 to start the beta phase, with no plans for another wipe. It's not too late – get in on the ground floor! Check our website to see the world map, and for a link to the GitHub project where you can get your own copy of EmpireMUD's codebase.

EmpireMUD's emphasis is on politics, trade, building, and resource management rather than combat. Players join existing empires or found their own and wage war (or peace) as they see fit.

* Huge 1800x1000 user-modifiable world
* Your class is based on which skills you focus on
* Over 220 unique abilities to choose from
* ASCII map navigation
* Screen-reader mode allows easy map navigation for the visually impaired
* Unique building & crafting system
* Delve into instanced adventure zones

Visit the homepage for help or use the INFO command.
JOIN AN EMPIRE to get started – or found your own!

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