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Liosliath Mush Overview
A world where everyone's story matters, where everyone can contribute as hero or villain and where everyone can weave their stories into the fabric of Liosliath. The theme is crafted and presented so players can find inspiration and opportunities for meaningful character development. Our aim is to be flexible enough, within the bounds of theme, to allow adult players to find their own place in cooperative, mature role play.

Liosliath is a nation of clans ruled by a Thane. The country is just emerging from war and will need to rebuilt. The nobles need to find and put into position people they can trust. The various guilds and groups which were disbanded during the war to be revived. Characters will be part of a Clan and a profession. They will all be a part of Liosliath's rebuilding. What holds for the future? Only time and your role play can answer that.

Politics, intrigue, mystery, conflict, and even the clever shopkeeper's wiles are all a part of this world. The printing press has yet to be invented and the majority of population is illiterate. Travel is by foot, horse and wagon. Weapons are early medieval: swords, daggers, hard leather armor, and chain mail. A modified feudal system of nobles and commoners organized into clans forms the basic political and social structure.

Liosliath Mush Features
* A chargen to include FUDGE RPG System - FUDGE is a sheet / skills system that has been designed specifically to support RP. We have a number of skills to enable you to uniquely personalize your character. Liosliath Mush is foremost a Role Play Mush, the FUDGE system is here to enhance your Role Playing experiences as you wish to use it.
* XP (Experience points) can be gained through RP (+vote), training, practice and even just by being part of Liosliath. These XP points are used to increase or add skills.
* Interactive NPC's
* Code-Lite - Code supporting Role Play while not limiting your storytelling creativity.
* Players may select characters from +Roster, +Wanted or create their own.

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