Back in the eighties, in Japan lived a now very famous man.
His name being Akira Toriyama. Toriyama San created some of
the most beloved and well recognized characters between East
and West. With the restart of the franchise in America,
there developed a simple Smaug game, and that is Dragonball
Saga. That was in 2000. Now, nine years later, the codebase
branched off and created many clones. Some private, some
public, all with their own little worlds. So, you ask, what
does this have to do with this game? This I would say, is
that despite the years, criticism, and power struggles, it
lives on and The Revolt is here.

The Revolt was created to bring forth the ideas of old and
new, and to form a community of players who would love to
play that game of yesteryear but with new skills, races, and
a constant flow of ideas. The skill system, not seen very
often in many clones, was developed by experienced coders and
to this day is still being built upon by the people who were
there since Day One. This skill tree allows for a free motion
of techniques for when you begin. Adding much flavor to the
game for veterans. The race system built upon Dragonball
characters though relying heavily on the material of the show.
It also strives to build your own unique concept of your
character and with a bit of imagination, your own world. The
races themselves range from the brutish and snide Saiyan, the
maniacal and power hungry Icer, to the hellish pits of
the Deadzone to bring the Demons and watchers of the
universe, the kind-hearted and enigmatic Kaios. As for
the community, we strive to bring an entertaining and no
nonsense attitude, but listening all the while.