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Cruentus Apocalypsis is a post-apocalypstic World of Darkness implementation. Currently, the MUD is in transition from a globally-based, logged RP-chat form of RP to a more involved and room based form of RP. The logs are freely available both within the game world and from our website.

[We are undergoing renovations. We recently switched to a new C++ base (]

Create a vampire, a stalker of the night that has to feed from the blood of the living to persist day to day, teetering on the loss of their humanity. Become the werewolf, the Earth Spirit's guardian and protector, thrust into a world of wildlife encroachment and potent waste being dumped on the Earth Mother. Climb from the Abyss as one of the third of angels that were cast out of Heaven as a result of The Morning Star's question of authority. And we're just starting with the possibilities…