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Dark Hope MUD is a player's paradise. Our #1 goal is to create an atmosphere of fun. No pfile wipes or eq wimping here. Come join us today and immerse yourself in our feature-rich game that will pull you into a world of fantasy and adventure. Whether you're a new mudder or someone who's been playing for years Dark Hope is the right mud for you! We offer a host of features that you just won't find on any other mud. These features include:

Over 200 mortal levels
A helpful immstaff
A large realm spread out over a vast area with many original areas and quests
A battle system to test your friends in combat for prizes.
Exclusive classes and skills
Special player-customizable objects known as artifacts that are rare and powerful
Player companion mobs known as mascots that can gain levels and learn skills
Player owned and operated clans, complete with clan hall, shops, healers, and more
And so much more!

Come by Dark Hope MUD and meet your new addiction today!